Ortec Finance

Deconstructing the 
‘Hybrid Advice’ buzz

Hybrid advice is the ‘talk of the town’ in the advisory business of financial and investment advice. With several ‘Hybrid Advice’ tools, innovative client journeys can be designed to make the  advice more relevant, more accessible and more understandable for the customer. Find out how the Ortec Finance toolbox will help you deconstruct the Hybrid Advice buzz so you can minimize costs and also maximize client engagement.

OPAL Platform

Goal-based financial planning & investment decision support

The OPAL Platform supports the Hybrid Advice trend by offering access to OPAL Engine through four API modules hosted in a private cloud (SaaS) or on-premise.
1. Wealth planning
2. Financial Planning
3. Retirement planning
4. Optimizer & automated advice
Our data services API allow full integration of hybrid solutions in the OPAL Platform, thus delivering an optimal base structure for omni-channel strategies.