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Bank on Blockchain to transform wealth management 

Welcome to this digital edition of Private Banker International, (PBI) which particularly focuses on blockchain technology. This is a very exciting area of innovation and has the potential to transform wealth management.

We also analyse in this edition the latest developments in cryptocurrencies - a topic that often divides private bankers and wealth managers.

And of course, with the EU’s GDPR data regulation set to be enforced on 25 May, this edition examines the latest progress made by private banks and wealth managers towards complying with the regulatory regime, as well as best practice for all industry players.

When it comes to FinTech innovation in private banking and wealth management Singapore, and more broadly Asia, shines out as a beacon of what financial institutions can achieve when they invest in digitalisation.

Asian banks’ commitment to innovation and FinTech was highlighted during the Private Banker International Global Wealth Summit and Awards in October 2017 during which Tan Su Shan, group head of consumer banking and wealth management at DBS Bank kindly shared her insights with the audience.

DBS Bank’s digital strategy has  delivered success and this digital edition features an interview with Tan Su Shan where she explains the steps the financial institution has taken to move from a bricks-and-mortar bank to a ‘clicks-and-mortar’ bank.

Su Shan says: “If DBS did not embark on a digital journey we probably would not survive. It’s that innovate-or-die attitude.”

This digital edition also lists the prestigious winners of the Private Banking Switzerland Awards 2017 which were held on the evening of 12 December 2017, following Private Banker International’s successful Switzerland conference on the same day.

Finally, this month’s digital issue features our regular comment wires and research wires from analysts at GlobalData Financial Services. The analysts’ commentary and research provide expert analysis, insight and data on the global private banking and wealth management market.

Thank you for reading this issue. We hope you find the content insightful and useful.

PBI's editorial team is passionate about championing and growing the global private banking and wealth management industry. Your feedback is always welcome and please do contact me by LinkedIn or email with your thoughts, ideas and comments.

Ronan McCaughey
Editor, Private Banker International